New Scentsy Products, Scentsy Go

Scentsy Fall Catalog 2017/ End of Summer Vacation!

Fall is all ready here! The Scentsy Fall Catalog 2017 is out and I have to say that I am impressed! there are many new warmers for the Fall/Winter season as well as the all new Scentsy Go, which has thoroughly impressed me! We just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise and I decided to take along my Scentsy Go and test it out in our room. Well I can honestly say that even with all odds stacked against it with 3 boys in the room and a malfunctioning toilet (more on that later) that we always had a fresh room to come back to in the evening! Even our Cabin steward asked me about it and he could not believe how it performed!
Royal Caribbean really knocked it out of the park on this mini vacation (4 days)! Despite us going on a older ship the Majesty of the Seas, everything went great except for our faulty toilet. It wouldn’t stop flushing from the moment we entered our room! We called maintenance and they promptly sent someone up to fix it. However, the first night at about 10 pm it started again with its constant flushing again! So we called and again they sent someone to fix it. The rest of the cruise was perfect! We have cruised at least 8 times in the past with either RC or Carnival and I have to say that we had the absolute best waiters that we have ever had on this cruise! They were an amazing team and I have all ready written Royal Caribbean a thank you letter for hiring such great people! I think I was also able to successfully recruit a new team mate as well, I have my hopes up that she will join since she was such a friendly and outgoing person! I think she would be great in this business!

RV Scentsy products
New Scentsy Products, Scentsy Go

Weekend Camping Trip

Scentsy Go! The perfect RV companion! Last weekend the family and I decided to head over to the Shenandoah Mountain National Park and do some camping, well uhh, let’s call it Glamping because my husband absolutely hates tent camping so a few years ago we HAD to buy a camper that had air conditioning just so I could get him to go! Anyways, I usually keep a small Scentsy Plugin in the camper to keep it always smelling fresh, but this time I decided to try out the Scentsy Go and see if it could keep up with Scentsy’s traditional products. So not only did the Scentsy Go do a tremendous job keeping the camper smelling fresh but it even helped us relax after a hard day of hiking once we popped in a “Jammy Time” scent pod!

New Scentsy Products, Scentsy Go

Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog 2017

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for the new catalog. The new Scentsy Go system goes on sale on September 1st. 2017. Be sure to contact me well before then so I can secure the product for you since there is no doubt in my mind that it is going to sell out fast! Scentsy is also offering new products in it’s laundry products such as the scent “jammy time” and “Amazon Rain”. I had the opportunity to try both all of these products and I can tell you that Scentsy has really nailed them out of the park! The new “Scentsy Go” system has found it’s home in my Jeep and my husband wants one for his office. My husband picked up the Scentsy Go the other day and wanted to take it apart (he’s an engineer) to see what makes it tick. Of course, I told him NO and that his time would be better spent hanging our new light fixture in the dining room instead of toying around with my stuff. He did complement the build quality of the system and called it the “Keurig K-cup brewer” of Scentsyland. Check it out at the link below!

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