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My wife joined Scentsy in the Summer of 2012, I was not that thrilled. At that point in our lives we were struggling to get by on a E-5 military pay check living in Key West, FL. The thought of my wife spending $99 dollars on some “pyramid scheme” company really put a bad taste in my mouth. But me being relatively carefree I figured what the hell and just shrugged it off. I mean we would have probably just spent that money on a night downtown or thrown it away in some other facet so whatever. At the time I was going underway for a month at a time on a boat so I thought maybe she just needs something of her own besides raising our son. Three months later my wife tells me that she has earned an all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica and that I needed to hurry and put in for leave to be sure that we can go! My first thought was there is no way that selling candles has earned us this kind of a vacation and what is the catch. I was dead wrong. Not only did my wife go from just making a $300 extra month just to pay the jeep payment but she started bringing in a lot more than that as well as earned a trip for two to Costa Rica. It took me a couple of days and a lot of questions to get past the fact that maybe my whole life I have been doing it wrong. Here I am busting my butt every day putting up with a terrible boss and making mediocre pay at best.
I am not going to lie, I got a bit jealous and my ego was hurt. I had a hard time moving past it until the first day we spent in Costa Rica at the Westin Golf Resort and Spa. While I was filling my Bubba mug to the brim with some sort of alcoholic concoction that the bartender had come up with I met a couple in the pool that had been doing this for a while. The husband (name omitted) gave me the best advice that I have ever heard. He said “support your wife, let her focus on this business as much as possible and you will both be successful. Do the laundry, clean the house because every second you take away from her business is taking away from absolute financial freedom.” I understood the words but I honestly did not understand the meaning at that moment. I thought to myself my wife is doing fine, I mean she earned this trip without my help so does she really need it?
I can tell you know that your spouse needs that support NOW not later. Every moment that you don’t support your wife’s decision that she joined Scentsy is just lost opportunity. It is one less sale, one less consultant joining her team and above all it is one more day that she feels unsupported and let down. So, if this message has reached you take your misplaced pride and bury it deep! In fact, throw it away because it is literally garbage. You should be proud of your spouse for his/her accomplishments and you should carry that pride with her. Don’t worry about the haters! Don’t worry about your “manly” image that is all made up crap that will only hold you back! Go out there do events and sell Scentsy with your spouse because honestly not only are you being supportive but the next thing you know you will be gaining support as well and never have felt better about yourself and your relationship.

Anyways, I hope that this reaches you in time and I wish you all the best of luck! Also, I have created a page on Facebook for Scentsy slinging men that I hope you will join! Here’s the link! The Party Crew DUDES

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