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Scentsy Announces Partnership with Maven

Scentsy Consultants! Company owners Heidi and Orville Thompson have announced a partnership with the company Maven. The Scentsy Maven partnership is going to be a game changer in our businesses. Maven is an app that is available on the Apple App Store or GooglePlay. The app was designed to help you with one of the most crucial aspects of your business. FOLLOW UPS! This app tracks recent purchases from your customers and gives you a “My To dos” list in which you should reach out to previous customers. The maven app shows customers previous orders right down to the product they purchased as well as quantity. This will allow you to re-engage with the customer in a meaningful way. This app falls in line with Scenty’s current 2-2-2 system. You will receive a notification two days after the customers’ purchase, two weeks after their purchase and two whole months after their purchase. This helps customers feel like they important to you and they should be! This follow up system will allow you record who you gave samples to and now you can track that and follow up with those potential customers. This will highly strengthen your customer relationships and we all know that these relationships are the cornerstone of your business. Maven works with Instagram to help generate recruiting leads and online presence which will have a large impact on your personal branding. This system is fully automated and ensures that your “to do” list is displayed at the optimal time and has pre-filled out messages that can be sent at the click of a button.
I will be doing a video soon of all of the great things that Scentsy Maven can do and how to use the app itself. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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